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For Your Dreams & Goals

What if you could live your life the way YOU 

want to live it. Connections Coaching Services will help you identify your dreams and create the life you want. You deserve to live your best life. Let's explore the possibilities together!

Specific Action Steps

Do you feel like you're stuck? Not sure which direction to take? Through life coaching, you can identify your passions and clarify your goals, developing a blueprint for your life.

Measurable Results

Through life coaching, you will:

  • be more fulfilled on your personal and professional life
  • increase personal and professional productivity

A Short Story About Me

Coach Lisa

I am a change expert. Someone who will help you reach your potential, fulfill your goals and live your dreams. I am a certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach and I look forward to assisting you with any area of your life that you wish to develop. Personal goals, career and business goals, wellness and change management. I have worked in the personal development arena for thirty years and have a passion for empowering people of all ages. I have an earned Ed. D in Adult Learning and Professional Development from Regent University and an earned M. Ed from Howard University. Other credentials include certification in ADHD/Executive Functioning coaching.

What Is Life Coaching

Life Coaching puts you at the center of a process that is designed to help you maximize your potential and create the life you want. A life coach is a change agent and expert who has the ability to guide you in a journey of self discovery that will ultimately enable you to take ACTION. It's not enough to dream or create a vision for your life. As your coach, I will help you identify the steps you need to take so that your dreams can manifest. 

Life Coaching Services

Browse our services below

Personal Life Coaching

Turn your dreams into reality. Create a blueprint for your life. Identify your passions and personal goals. Develop action steps. Manifest! 

Business Coaching

Are you already positioned in an organization and wish to move to the next level? Are you looking for leadership development? These sessions will help you develop and strategize.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Interested in achieving work life balance? Are you in at the cross road and have to make changes to your life for optimal physical and emotional wellness? I was there a few years ago so let me help.

Career Start Over Coaching

Let's take a focused look at where you are, where you'd like to be and how you'll get there. You're never too young or too old for a career reboot analysis and vision planning.


We've loved every minute of our journey

Pahn-ya Ratteray

Development Director, Bermuda College Foundation

Life coaching was available to me at a time when I realized that I had to do something different in order to reach the success I dreamed. It helped me to recognize my weaknesses and that I had the ability to change and map steps to move beyond my self-imposed limitations.

LaJene Darrell

When we met at the end of March 2021, I felt heard and understood. The way Coach Lisa engaged with me provided a safe space to share. Throughout the session, she'd recall my statements and then dissect my understanding or even limiting beliefs in order to get to their origin. Her tools and practices were enlightening. Her effortless ability to deposit her knowledge all while cultivating my unique processing was amazing. I highly recommend anyone seeking clarity in their life to seek Coach Lisa out. You are worth the expense and Coach Lisa is worth the cost.

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